Infosec Scribbles

Fixing the Linux font rendering stack checklist

This is a checklist I made for myself. It spawned from my research on Linux font rendering after realizing how trashy it was. Desktop Linux in general is a radioactive cesspit, but font rendering in particular is easy enough to fix.

I will probably spend a good chunk of my free time in the next couple of years working through it, in the order below.


  • Q: Why do this?
  • A: As a full time Linux user who switched after 25 years of Windows, I have to look at ugly text every day if I don’t, and it pisses me off immensely.

  • Q: Why bother, just buy a HiDPI screen?

  • A: In my opinion and experience, HiDPI is a niche gimmick similar to 3D movies. There is enough legacy code that is not fully compatible with HiDPI that I do not expect to switch to HiDPI for another generation of my personal hardware upgrades. That’s another 5 years at least, as of 2019.

  • Q: Why in this order?

  • A: Because this is the order of importance to me, you are welcome to do it yourself sooner. I will buy you a coffee if you do.

  • Q: You are wrong about X, and I am prepared to educate you on the technical reasons why.

  • A: Hit me up on Telegram.