B-Sides London 2013

This was my second time at B-Sides London and 3rd time at a huge hacking conference. But considering countless tech meetups, Abertay Ethical Hacking Society meetings and stuff like that one could say I am a frequent goer to such events.


Fixing broken Sublime Text hot keys

Once you start using Sublime Text, you will begin putting together a collection of plugins to simplify your life. The amount of keys on your keyboard is rather limited and Sublime is a key mapping heavy editor. Lots of comfy hot keys are used even by default. Every once in a while you will get a plugin that wants to use one of the keys that is already in use. At this point you will end up wondering why some of the default key mappings are broken and this article will hopefully help you to fix conflicting hot keys.

Step 1: find the broken plugin

Luckily Sublime provides some debugging features through the console. The one you need right now is command logging. Open the console by pressing Ctrl + ` and enter sublime.log_commands(True)

Debug output in Sublime console

Debug output in Sublime console

Now go to a place in your document where you are expecting your hot key to work and press it. The key and the command triggered will be displayed in the console.

Step 2: fix the broken hot key

You should know which plugin is to blame from the console output. In the case above it is Code Intel plugin. Open the plugin key mappings by selecting Preferences Package Settings Package Name Key Bindings (Default). Comment out the line that causes problems as seen on the screenshot below.

Comment out the broken key mapping

Comment out the broken key mapping

You do not need to restart Sublime, the changes are applied the moment you save them. You will have to repeat this process every time the plugin updates. If you need the function that you have just disabled, add a new key mapping for it in Key Bindings (User).

How to disable Metro UI in Skype

What Skype looks like starting version 6.3

What Skype looks like starting version 6.3

Since I had automatic updates in Skype enabled, yesterday it updated to version 6.3. As it is very common these days, the interface was “improved” to match other Microsoft’s products in their UI style, Metro UI of Windows 8. I personally can’t stand it, but in previous versions there was a switch in options to use system theme. I decided it was time to downgrade. If you are looking for how to get rid of Metro UI in Skype and disable annoying update pop-ups, keep reading.

Please keep scrolling if you enjoy Metro UI.

Downloads window and other tweaks in Firefox 20

UPDATE: This feature has been completely removed from Firefox with release of version 26. If you would like to use a functional downloads manager, you can try DownThemAll!.

Today was the day when I finally decided to upgrade to the latest versions of everything. Which of course included Firefox. What I instantly noticed after starting up a new version was this tiny new button for opening the downloads window: 

Oh, that’s a good idea. Now I don’t have to look for my downloads in the menu.

The excitement vanished instantly when I saw the monstrosity they have turned the downloads window into.

Not so well-known Skype features

Me and my friends really enjoy Skype conferences. And even though it belongs to the corporation of evil these days, there does not seem to be a good alternative.

So lets try our best and make our Skype more comfy.