Logitech Z506 10-pin connector pinout

Had to pop open my Logitech Z506 speaker the other day because reasons. Thought that this may come in handy to someone looking for which wire goes to which pin on the 10-pin connector aka connector pinout. On the picture below I marked every pin with the color of the corresponding wire. It may be hard to see on the preview but the black one is ground. Happy tinkering!

Logitech Z506 10-pin connector pinout

Writing a RickRoll shellcode

I was sitting in the lab the other day ~socializing~ with other students and we all agreed it was sad that there was no shellcode out there that would open a RickRoll. Making one seemed like a good way to procrastinate from preparing a talk on privacy while learning how to write shellcodes and the challenge was accepted. The application to have fun with was Chasys Media Player 1.1 on Windows XP SP3, no DEP or ASLR.



Debugging MBRLockers on Windows

Ever met MBRLockers? Yes, those nasty pieces of malware which replace your Master Boot Record with malicious code and ransom you. Good news here, most of them just backup your original MBR somewhere and put one asking for ransom in its place. Today I’m going to tell you how to debug these things easily for ehmm, scientific purposes.

Simple MBR Locker

Simple MBR Locker

How to take apart ST780WL and extract the parts from it

Here comes a little addition to the TG789vn article: this time we will see how to open ST780WL. This is required if you want to JTAG your router or replace the antenna with something more powerful.

SpeedTouch 780 WL

SpeedTouch 780 WL

How to take apart TG789vn and extract the parts from it

So I recently got a box full of Thomson TG789vn routers with half of them not working properly. Say “Hello” to lightnings hitting the power lines in Estonia. With nothing to lose it was decided to pop one open to see if there is any obvious damage that can be repaired. Surprisingly, there were no guides on the internet on how to open TG789vn without breaking anything, so here is one.

Stuff You Will Need

  • Thomson TG789vn router
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat-blade screwdriver
  • Two hands and a little bit of common sense

Needless to say, before doing any of this you need to turn off your router and unplug everything from it. This will also void your warranty and I will not be held responsible for any damage you may or may not inflict upon your router.