Logitech Z506 10-pin connector pinout

Had to pop open my Logitech Z506 speaker the other day because reasons. Thought that this may come in handy to someone looking for which wire goes to which pin on the 10-pin connector aka connector pinout. On the picture below I marked every pin with the color of the corresponding wire. It may be hard to see on the preview but the black one is ground. Happy tinkering!

Logitech Z506 10-pin connector pinout

  • gg

    Thanks for the enlightening picture.
    Do you know which two are the speaker + and – leads?

  • John

    Do you also have a list of which pin does what? I’m interested in which two wires are connected by the switch in the front right speaker to turn the whole thing on

  • binned these about a month after the post, sorry, can’t help you.

  • John

    No worries, thanks for replying 🙂

  • Christian M.M.

    I’ve been making tests and I think that the positive wire is the white one, and the negative is the grey.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Please I need pinout for Logitech G51, I peeled off cables in the Control Pod and I have no idea where they go.

  • mani

    Hi Bro,I have lost my control unit of logitech z506. please would you send me detailed photographs of control pcb.